3D / 5D Wet Cinema Seat Systems

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    3D / 5D Wet Cinema Seat Systems

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This cinema system is well know as 3D or 5 D movie experience. Simulating motion and rain, fog and storm the system is available from 6-seats for home-entertainment up to full size professional theatre settings.

Cinemas all over are facing competition from home-Theaters, theme-parks, DVDs and other experiences. That's why more and more movies upgrade and create a more-dimensional customer experience.

Latest client is the National Theater in Munich where the system can be viewed and experinced.

The system is especially suitable for:

  • Cinemas
  • Home Cinemas
  • Theme Parks
  • Amusement centres
  • Hotels
  • Events


  • Modular upgradable 5D wet cinema with motion seats
  • Interactive wet Cinema with water sprinkling from the ceiling, from light spray to heavy shower
  • Cold or warm
  • Wind effects
  • Optional Fog & Smoke effects
  • Full motion seats with 3 or / and 6 axis. Of course water resistant
  • Control room
  • Customized branding


Price Examples:
For 24 chairs € 399.990,00
For 30 chairs € 499.990,00
Nota Bene: Quotations are being calculated individually based on number of chairs.

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Fitting cost upon request

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